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Inspection Manager

The Inspection Manager dramatically improves the speed, accuracy and efficiency of the walk test.
Automates Data Collection
Fire panels connected to the Internet transfer test information from addressable points directly to the application. Non-addressable points are inspected using integrated barcode labels and scanners.
Supports Multiple Technicians
With the Inspection Manager, multiple technicians can conduct the walk test simultaneously and ESDs do not need a separate technician at the panel.
Works Online and Offline
In Cloud Mode, the application pulls data from connected fire panels. If connectivity to the data center is lost, the Inspection Manager can continue to operate in Scan Mode.
Enables Visual Documentation
Technicians can use their mobile devices to take digital photographs of equipment and areas that require corrective action. Those images are then stored in the cloud with the inspection data.
Streamlines Reporting
The Inspection Manager automatically generates professionally formatted reports that comply with NFPA 72 or Joint Commission requirements. Signatures can be captured on the technician’s mobile device. Reports are stored in the data center with 24/7 access available to the ESD, building owner and/or AHJ.